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BRC Food Certificated

Brady Enterprises is BRC certified.

By meeting BRC Global Standards in food production, packaging, storage and distribution, we have been recognized as having achieved the rigorous product safety requirements established by this internationally renowned organization.

Quality assurance
& food safety

From senior management to the production floor… our culture is centered around quality.

Brady is proud to be co-manufacturing quality certified by BRC.  Our proprietary Brady Quality Management System is the centerpiece of our QA/ food safety regimen. Created by our Manufacturing, Operations and R&D teams, BQMS is a continually-updated set of protocols that reflects the industry's current "best practices" in the following areas…

  • Quality, food safety, and food defense
  • Sanitation
  • Equipment safety
  • Plant maintenance
  • In-line qualitative assessments
  • In-line traceability systems
  • Process monitoring and control technology
  • Staff training

Bottom line: Our commitment to quality, our diligence relative to food safety and our on-going investment in technologies and systems enable us to meet or exceed all government and industry standards… and stay ahead of our competition.