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A leading non-nutritive sweetener brand was accustomed to 93 - 95% spray drying yields. Certainly good! But like any smart business, they were always working to improve their bottom line. So they hired a new co-manufacturer, Brady Enterprises, to improve their spray drying yields and profit margins.


What spray drying yields did Brady Enterprises achieve?

  1. A) Same yields but ingredient costs were reduced
  2. B) 0.5 – 1.0% increase in yields were consistently achieved
  3. C) Yields were increased by 1.0%+ to record levels

The answer

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The answer is C. Brady’s proprietary spray drying technology provided record level yields, and resulted in greater profit for the sweetener brand!

The outcome: on-spec product, on-time delivery, greater throughput, and improved margins.

Learn more about Brady’s spray drying services.

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