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The world’s leading powered drink mix came to Brady with a unique packaging challenge…

By most measures, the brand was doing great. They were sold in every conceivable distribution channel throughout the world, including duty free shops at airports. However, for duty free, they felt they weren’t selling as much as they could and they had anecdotal evidence to support it. Specifically, their large 2.5kg tins were metal, which was difficult to get through security and too large to fit into suitcases.


What was Brady’s customized solution to increase sales?

  1. A) Downsized the 2.5kg tin to 1.0kg plastic containers and shrink wrapped dual-packs.
  2. B) Developed a brand new pouch with a non-metallic, moisture-proof barrier.
  3. C) Instituted a direct-to-consumer shipping program.

The answer

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The answer is B.

Brady developed a packaging strategy to allow airport shoppers the ability to purchase and fly. The newly designed, re-sealable, moisture-proof pouch easily fit into carry-ons and passed through security checks without problems. Ultimately, duty-free sales revenue increased!

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